Thursday, 10 July 2014

PSM 2014

  1. Abdul Hakim Bin Abdul Hamid (2014). PR24-HHT Carbon Fiber Nano-Coolant for Cooling System - Download
  2. Tayalan A/L Manoharan (2014). Development of Highly Efficient Wall Insulation from Rice Husk Foam Reinforced Composite - Download
  3. Muhammad Afiq Bin Samsir (2014). Ecological Brick Epithetical from Cow Chips - Download
  4. Hud Bin Ramli (2014). Synthesis of Coolant Based Carbon Nanotube - Download
  5. Mohd Amir Hafizi Bin Shahidan (2014). Development of Low Cost Device for Measuring Flow Resistivity of Porous Materials - Download
  6. Nurul Nadia Binti Abdullah (2014). Influence of Water Flow Rate and Number Of Blades on the Impeller of Centrifugal Pump - Download


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