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Research Collaboration & Consultation
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Post Graduate Student's Project
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Final Year Student's Project
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Carbon Research Team (FKM UTeM, Combicat UM, NanoC Sdn Bhd)
Slide Presentation:
  1. TPR-MS Insitu analysis for optimum CNT of Fe & Ni/Carbon system - [Download]
  2. Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructure For Catalysis - [Download]
  3. The Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube on Activated Carbon - [Download]
  4. Summary of NC200 Work - [Download]
  5. The Development of CNF/CNT – AC Pore Modification - [Download]
  6. Overview of Carbon Group Research Program - [Download]
  7. Nanofluid Additive For Heat Exchanger (HE) - [Download] [Gantt Chart]
  8. NC200 - Improving Drying Technique - [Download]
  9. The Development of Mechanically & Electrically CNF & CNF Reinforced Composite - [Download]
  10. Synthesis of Ni/ Activated Carbon Catalysts - [Download]